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Official JR East Train Simulator Releasing on PC for Steam

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This is super cool. JR East is releasing it's official Train Simulator on Steam. It looks like it's an Early Access release so, at first, it will only include two routes, but looks like they will be expanding to include more routes after it fully releases (although some of that will be via DLC). Here is the page for the simulator which releases on September 19th:


From the screenshots, it seems like it will mostly rely on actual video footage of the routes. I'm not the biggest fan of simulators like these, but I find they work okay for train simulation, at least. I wonder how realistic the handling and such will be - hopefully very realistic considering it was originally a training tool. 

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@mojo it's a video motion simulator, so it shouldn't be a great deal to run, unlike 3D simulators that can really pain a graphics card, especially if the routes/game engines aren't optimised.

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Gigazine released some gameplay video of it.



Looks nice and there is an easy mode. The video is a bit juddery but that's to be expected I guess.


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The only thing that makes me sad about this simulator is the lack or configurable input methods.

My HOTAS only really has use on Flight Simulator, despite being a great combined throttle/brake handle.

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