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Replacement Kato E4 motor...


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Hi folks, seeking some advice. I'm after a replacement motor for my Kato E4 series. It's been repaired externally once but it's still a bit tempermental (randomly stops, has trouble starting without a nudge).


The part is Assy E459-200. I've just emailed RG-Rokko and ModelTrainPlus, and it's sold out on HobbySearch.


Any other thoughts or advice welcome...!


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If MTG and RGR cannot help, I would recommend to look on Yahoo Japan Auction via a proxy (ZenMarket or Buyee). There is often sold out parts floating around there. You could also place the order via MTG or RGR, as they both offer a "personal shopper" service.

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36 minutes ago, drt7uk said:

Assy E459-200

Thats just half of it. The actual item Number would be Kato 4621B "E459-200 power unit" with "4621B" being the actual Kato item number. I would search by that.

I as well would recommend asking RGR or MTG to get the part for you, and put a saved search on buyee or ZenMarket.

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It’s certainly a very unique assembly, no other train uses the same mechanism to my knowledge.


I actually have a spare as I replaced my original first purchase’s motor as it was very noisy. I’m missing the motor cradle which was broken causing a lot of the issue, but not sure how well the motor still runs. I don’t recall that being the issue but as I was new to n scale on my next Japan visit I found a chassis in the old Kato Osaka store (no longer there) Some of the copper and plastic parts are in slightly bad shape as I used it for soldering practise once I had the new chassis, but I think the motor is sound. (I shall confirm when i get a chance)


Looking at the motor, if you wanted a new one,  I wonder whether other loco motors would fit. The sort of thing used in smaller locos. I think the thin plastic gear could be removed easily but not sure how simple removing a flywheel would be as similar motors seem to use dual flywheels. If it’s just the motor you need, if it works, I can send you this one if you’re happy to pay just the postage from Japan to wherever you are.



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