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My Smallest Layout: Colors of Japan (z-scale)


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I had just built my smallest working layout thus far. The diorama measures 5" x 5". With having only the Rokuhan track set, loco and the farmhouse, I struggled to visualize the scenery and placement. I initially thought about making the farmhouse the center of the layout and building the scenery around it. Then I recalled seeing dioramas that are built up vertically which had multi-levels of terrain that I thought was really interesting. I had scratch built the bridge from styrene and it was my first time using a static grass applicator, resin, and seafoam for the trees. I'm so glad I had stockpiled all the scenic materials, it definitely came into good use. There were many doubts in my mind throughout the process but at the end I'm quite happy how it turned out. I fudged the n-scale deer and figure into the z-layout layout.





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