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Old Tomix EF64 polarity


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Ok guys I need some help with this older Kader made EF64.

So it runs fine for something that resembles 90s bachmann trains (Yes I know Kader is who made those too.)

But I have a very minor issue, it runs reverse compared to every other locomotive I own. Japanese or US.

So my solution, flip the motor over, slide out motor tabs, re install tabs on opposite side and reassemble. 

Lights on, nobody's home. 

I'm not quite sure why this wouldn't work... I've done this trick on other locomotives with no issue.  

Unless the frame of the motor is part of the ground I have no clue as to why it would behave this way. 

I suppose I could throw a decoder in there and fix it with CV29, but this locomotive was a bargain buy in a set years ago. So it won't see enough track time to warrant a decoder. 





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