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Hakone-en Aquarium: Penguins Refuse to Eat


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The Great Squid Household Relocation To Japan in 2008 involved a cat who once walked head-first into a wall and who probably took the Short Bus to Cat School (he was adopted from a shelter so we can't be sure) but who was otherwise undemanding (except when it came to moths, but that's a whole other story), but took a massive dislike to Japanese cat food, which is mainly fish-based (in the sense of "bits of fish which are left over after the vaguely human-edible bits are processed out") in contrast to European cat food (which is mainly meat-based in the sense of "bits of mammal which are left over after the vaguely human-edible bits are processed out", anyway he pretty much lived the rest of his feline quite life happily on boiled chicken.

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Well said cat, who normally was basically an animated stuffed toy, would go into full-on predator hunter-killer mode the moment he spied a moth. Unfortunately moths have a tendency to fly at greater altitudes than can be sustainably attained by your average feline, but we could work around that by holding him up to towards the ceiling until he'd batted the unfortunate moth out of the air, then play with it for quite a few minutes before finally devouring it.

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