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Small passenger cars


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Do someone knows where I can find small passenger cara, specially the unpowered ones for Kato Pocket Train (steam)? Specially at eBay.

I want to build a small consist with a steeple cab... but is hard to find small passengers (and shorty ones need to change trucks).


Thanks in advance!

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That would be difficult, even on YJA. I would recommend you look into Tomytec's Nostalgic Railway Collection, it features similar coaches or buy early German coaches. Changing the trucks on Shorties is very easy and straightforward.

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I was also going to suggest the usual suspects: German two axle coaches, like the Donnerbüchse or earlier.


I just didn't say anything the first time I came around because I looked it up first and I was shocked with the prices of new ones!


This listing on ebay is much more pocket friendly, although I would advise to check the ones with the shorter wheelbase.

I'm afraid the longer Donnerbüchse are too long for Pocket Line curves.

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Yes, their prices wouldn't be very wallet friendly if buying from abroad. The best for most German rolling-stock is to visit a model railway fair in Germany or a local model railway shop. Prices are usually much better than on eBay for second-hand models.

I still think the Nostalgic Railway Collection is the best shot.

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