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Innotrans 2022


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46 minutes ago, Giugiaro said:

My plan for the 23rd is still intact, so we should bump into each other if that's the case.


I'm landing at Berlin around 09:00 (earliest bird) and I've seen my ticket include a free shuttle to go to the exhibition or free access to transport the whole day.





For sure, there is a chance for us to meet and - why not - have a beer. 

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14 hours ago, JR East said:

For sure, there is a chance for us to meet and - why not - have a beer. 


I don't drink alcohol, but we can exchange some drinks.


BTW, in 2018 JR East had a Kato booth, so something to look forward to as well!

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Outside & inside the Alstom Loc. 







Japanese looking Siemens train





CRRC Freight locomotive for @disturbman



Several commuters



In the Alstom Coradia




Exhibition's stands






Japan was not really there this year




More pictures to come ... but with my camera, not my cellphone


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Meanwhile, the free airport shuttle is really convenient. 40' to go to Innotrans (landing at 09:00) something that 1 hour to be back (more traffic jam).


Anyway, what is less convenient is the "new" Berlin airport (fast track not fast, walking a lot [less than Frankfurt but where can you make longer distance in the world?], signs & direction not clear, ...). I'll not blame Berlin airport [BER], wikipedia does it for me. The 'Old' one was not super convenient, but it had the excuse of being old.



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1 hour ago, JR East said:


Did that shots are done at dismantling of the exhibition ? Nice pictures and the sky is great (photographer point of view of course !)




looks like it was done just before opening?!

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By Friday they were already bailing out.


Although the trade fair ended at 6PM, by 5PM pretty much everyone already had their booth partially or completely dismantled.

Abet Laminatti was completely gone by 4PM.

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I have "fond" memories of rolling up to my local tax office in Berlin one Friday at about 3pm because I needed some form or something (this is back when you could either use your land line or your modem) and fighting upstream against a horde of departing civil servants only to be informed that I was too late for such an unheard of request and should come back on Monday...

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13 hours ago, Giugiaro said:

By Friday they were already bailing out.


Although the trade fair ended at 6PM, by 5PM pretty much everyone already had their booth partially or completely dismantled.

Abet Laminatti was completely gone by 4PM.


yeah, trade shows are like that.  I used to attend one called SHOT in Vegas or Orlando.  On the last day, most people were already dismantled and some gone by the last day at the official close.  SOP for trade shows.  Frustrating for attendees like me who were trying to see and talk to certain people and they were gone by the time I got there.


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I use to hate watching this when I did presentations at trade shows. It was kind of sad. But I only did 1 or 2 a year and it was more fun, many do a dozen or two a year and are so jaded and I guess figure diminishing returns on the last day. But I usually found it good for our presentations as we were usually fun to begin with (educational multimedia) and folks like chad were pissed others were folding up and were very happy to come see us. I did loathe the load outs as they were sort of the evacuation of denang sort of vibe. Also usually the marketing folks went poof at the moment the convention ended, I was left to breakdown and pack up and ship out the equipment! 


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