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Bonaire Travel - Positive Experience

Tony Galiani

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Tony Galiani

Good news travel update to start the weekend - we had an interesting time on Bonaire and not all our travel went as smoothly as we would have liked.  On the first day on Bonaire I managed to lose my driver's license, Visa credit card and hotel keys as well as a chunk of cash (as so much of the business down there is cash based).  On our second day some remoras who could not find a shark to attach to tried to attach to me - repeatedly - and then to anyone else nearby who went into the water.  Then, on the day before we left, my wife managed to get a cactus piece stuck to her arm so as to give us a chance to check out the local medical clinic.


Anyway, we just got an e-mail from the island - my waterproof case washed up on the island and the person who found it contacted the hotel to return everything!  Including the cash!  What a nice surprise.

Turns out the person who found the money was part of the Sea Turtle conservation group that was cleaning the beach on Klein Bonaire.  Happy to donate the money to the cause - it was just nice to have such a positive outcome and get a bit of good news.




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