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JR Niigata Station elevation of all platforms completed

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bikkuri bahn

Sunday completion of 16 year project:


Promotion video of the station redevelopment.  Main purpose of the elevation is to better connect the north and south areas of the city.


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Nice looking station with the elevation. Would be a nice model.


pretty soon we will be seeing drone fly thrus of finished projects that match the exact same path as cad fly thrus from design. It was funny a friend of a friend use to do cad fly thrus for big development projects for developers to sell to investors. I once asked him why the fly thrus never followed any usual path a visitor might use in the actual building and his response was they were boring and they would actually design around the fly thrus sometimes to make them visually sparkle and then that stuff was then later removed if too costly or caused other issues or was left in and always became parts of the building that everyone would keep asking what the hell is that doing there as it had nothing to do visually or design wise to the normal human perspective and only a drone fly thru might have shown it’s little dazzle…



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Definitely a good idea for future-proofing the development of the towns and cities. Tobu were doing this with some of their more rurally located hub stations in the mid 2000s and I’ve slowly watched the renewal of Orio in northern Kyushu take shape. The ground level parts of the Wakamatsu and Fukuhoku Yutaka lines have been raised up and burrowed under ground to eliminate all road crossings in the town to allow for building expansion projects.


Still not ever made it to Niigata. With the retirement of the E4s, I’m probably even less likely to visit than before. 

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