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[China] CRH Train D2809 Derails on the Guiyang High-Speed Railway


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On the 4th of June a CRH service running between Guiyang and Guanzhou derailed somewhere before passing through Rongjiang station. The train took out multiple catenary masts prior to colliding with the platform at Rongjiang station. Car 8 (end car) and car 7 derailed, with car 8 jackknifing prior to hitting the platform. The nose section of the leading car of the CHR2A formation, CRH2A-4020, was destroyed in the process, killing the driver and seriously injuring a conductor as well as 7 passengers. Images from the scene of the accident also show serious deformation of the area adjacent to the vestibule area of car 7 due to the jackknifing of car 8. According to Chinese media sources, the train hit a landslide when entering Yuezhai tunnel, caused by heavy rain in the area.


ANNnews report on the derailment:



A selection of Chinese language news reports:








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