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Tomix fine track Turnout on DCC


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I use Kato Unitrack. DCC. With a lot a electric turnout and double cross etc etc……

I have ordered Tomix 91016 yard rail and Tomix 91036 Engine depot. There is many turnouts here 😃

I have also ordered some Kato 20-045 conversion track to Connect my Kato track with the Tomix set. This is my first Tomix track.

Question: all my Kato turnout are wired seperatly with Kato 24-818 unijoyner feeder with Kato 24-816 insulated joyner at the right place a works fantastic (i have used A LOT af Them ☺️)

Does Tomix have something simular ? I cant see it on 1999.com. Thanks.

i expect it to arrive within a week from Amazon Japan.

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If you need a feeder in the yard the solution may be back to back 20-045 pieces connected to the Tomix Finetrack with a 24-818 feeder between the 20-045s

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5:20 in this video is what i was hoping for........   


I am trying to avoide soldering 😞 



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