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Using magnets to attach catenary poles

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I am experimenting with magnets to attach catenary poles, more specifically those that are close to the edge of the layout. For these tests I am using my new photo-etched catenary poles. I have purchased these small (1.5mm diameter x 2mm) neodymium super strong magnets from AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001575344937.html




They come in a small bag of 100 (96 remain in this photo)




For this test, I have just drilled a 1.5mm diameter hole in two small pieces of styrene, and inserted two magnets into them.




Then, I have glued (using CA glue) a magnet inside the base of each pole. I have used squares to keep the poles vertical while the glue was curing.




I am happy with the first results and I am going to use this method to attach the five catenary poles of the Shin-Yukari EMU maintenance yard.

The poles are easy to remove, they quickly detach should someone (not me of course 😇) hit them, or to clean the tracks, and last but not least they remain vertical.





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Excellent marc! Magnets are magic! Great use for them. A small disc neodymium will grip super hard to a longer column magnet like that.

Now you just need to make a little drilling jig to sink your holes in your layout for the cylinder magnets. Issue there will be drilling vertically well consistently. I wonder if drilling the magnet hole a bit big and making some sort of jig with magnets that you could attach the cylinder magnets to and place so that the jig is nice and vertical while epoxy on magnets set. Getting catenary and telephone pole decently vertical can be a frustrating challenge.



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