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Videos of freight trains

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A You Tube channel of freight train videos popped up in my Facebook this morning.  I figured this would appeal to the freight train guys here.  Enjoy!


Link to the channel   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL_mZGTOGGBk1l-I2k4ABsA


2022,4,3 A lot of 17 freight trains The exciting joint sound and motor sound that echoes in the spring breeze! Gentle whistle! Freight trains and trains that go through the spring colors


0:00Opening We have recorded the Meitetsu train, 311 series 313 series train, and EF510 Red Thunder single machine that go through the beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom. The cherry blossoms were very beautiful.

2:111055 Les Tokyo Ta-Fukuoka Ta Since it is Sunday, the cargo is very small, and there was only one large container, Lantec.

2:551071 Les Tokyo Ta-Kagoshima Ta EF210-2 towed by EF210-1 towed 8052 train.

3:538052 Les Fukuoka Ta-Utsunomiya Ta The petals of the cherry blossoms scattered by the wind pressure after passing the train were very beautiful (^^ ♪

4:481073 Les Sendai Ta-Fukuoka Ta 1092 Lantec containers seen through the gaps in the empty footjob of the train stood out.

5:151092 Les Nagoya Ta-Tokyo Ta Thank you for your kind hand gesture ^^ The UT13C-8001 liquid caustic potash tank and the Aron T-50 ISO tank loaded on the Koki 200 stood out.

6:435091 Les Sendai Ta-Nagoya Ta

7:501058 Les Fukuoka Ta-Utsunomiya Ta

9:535087 Les Kita-Asahikawa-Hyakusai After the timetable revision, it seems that the crew will be replaced on the Tokaido passenger line instead of the freight line.

10:412071 Les Nagoya Ta-Gifu Ta EF510 Red Thunder Tow.

12:311070 Les Kumamoto-Tokyo Ta Thank you for the gentle whistle ^^ UT1 Polysol 3 tanks and Lantec 5 were outstanding.

13:372059 Les Sendai Port-Suita Takangaroo Liner SS60 We will make a powerful motor sound and fully accelerate the passenger line.

14:0762 Les Fukuoka Ta-Tokyo Ta Superliner Thank you for the gentle whistle ^^

15:153077 Les Sapporo Ta-Nagoya Ta

16:391050 Les Fukuoka Ta-Tokyo Ta UV51A-35117 Large catology and UF41A Fukuoka Transport were conspicuous, and it was a large amount of 11 pieces of Lantec, which is customary on Sunday.

17:452080 Les Yokkaichi-Nagoya Thank you for the gentle whistle ^^ Taken on March 30
18:515050 Les Kangaroo Liner NF60 Fukuoka Ta-Nagoya Ta Kangaroo Liner is the only train with a 20ft load. There is a lot of vacancy because the container is unloaded at the Gifu Freight Terminal Station where the Seino Transportation Headquarters is located. The cherry blossoms were very beautiful ^^

19:558057 Les Nagoya Ta-Kumamoto

21:11Ending We have recorded the trains that run hard on the usual Tokaido main line, and this time we also recorded the EL Sakura, SL Sakura, and old trains of Oigawa Railway taken last year. The sound of the E10 type hanging motor and the C11 type steam locomotive were powerful and very cool ^^ That's all. I enjoyed shooting at Inazawa, Kisogawa, and Oikawa Railways, where I could see rare trains, powerful steam locomotives and electric locomotives, and lots of passing scenes. Thank you for watching the very long video m (_ _) m Thank you for watching to the end. Then have a good weekend ♪ Iron box




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