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Unitrack Joiner Jig


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What is the material the template is made of? How are the metal joiners held down to not move? Some more info?



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Its just acrylic. This was just my prototype but it held up on my test run. I've done a hundred or so its no problem.

I was going to use PTFE Plastic which withstands 600 degrees but didn't need to.


My soldering iron is at 335 degrees and I use thin solder so there's no real heat up .


The squares are at a tight tolerance so it's not much room for it to move.



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Cool, thanks.

My cheat for this and attaching leads to smd components has been to tape a piece of masking tape upside down on the workbench and just stick the components on that to hold them in place while doing my soldering. Can fry the adhesive some so just have to keep moving to different spots on the tape for the next batch. It’s nice with fine magnet wire as I can also stick the lead to the tape to hold it in place and just adjust the end of the wire in fine point tweezers as I solder (I always try to pre tin both sides fast and then do a fast fusion solder w.o additional solder). 



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