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Tokaido Main Line schedule out of Tokyo Station, 1964

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Video by Saikyo Memories



Very interesting in that the schedule is pretty full, there are named services that don't exist anymore, and there are some long haul locals.  A few things stood out to me:

  • the first train and the first long distance local, a 5:20 departure for Nagoya.  Several more plus one or two for Ogaki.
  • at 8:54 the unusually named First Izu Express (daiichi Izu kyuko) for Izukyu-Shimoda/Shuzenji.  The video says that at this time, there were 2 expresses and 8 semi-expresses (junkyu) daily, the expresses being named Oku-Izu and First Ideyu (daiichi Ideyu)
  • 11:00 departure for Kagoshima, the night express Kirishima arriving at 13:35 the next day!
  • similarly, the 14:35 Takachiho for Nishi Kagoshima arriving at 19:53 the next day.  I hope it was comfortable.
  • The 20:10 Sanuki night express arriving at 9:10 the next day in Uno, Okayama.  I don't think the train was actually put on the Uko train ferry, but as Uno was the Honshu side for the Uko ferry and Sanuki was the old name of Kagawa, I assume this made a good connection with the ship.
  • Another one for Uno, the 21:00 Seto


This channel has a few other videos like this including one for trains north out of Ueno in 1980, which looks like an utterly packed timetable.




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bikkuri bahn

People were poorer back then, many couldn't afford the limited express services, not to mention the new Shinkansen (only for businessmen, the well off and foreign tourists), hence the long distance locals and expresses.  Only four years prior, there were even very long distance stopping (futsu) trains departing Tokyo, such as #111 (111レ), which departed Tokyo at 14:25, and took 32 hours to arrive at Moji at 22:03.

consist of train #111 (upper left) with the sections where carriages were dropped/acquired:


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