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Preventing clumsy hand breakages of catenary poles ...

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The mini T-TRAK modules that I am working on at present feature a representation of over head wiring (Catenary) by just having the support posts and leaving the wiring to the imagination. However the thin and somewhat delicate plastic poles can suffer if knocked by full sized human hands. Therefore in place of sticking them into place I have drawn upon an idea I saw in a magazine many years ago. Create a frame for the bottom of the pole to sit in to keep it oriented correctly with the track, drill a hole through the baseboard, thread a thin string through the hole, attach one end to the post via a hole drilled in the pole base, attach the other end to a weight under the baseboard and then, it works!!!



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I notice you have cut the base  so it doesn't need to go under the rail base.


Another option is to glue the base down. But don't glue the pole into the base. Friction should hold it in without issue. And it should still be able to pop out of the base if bent-knocked hard enough.


You could even cut a liitle off the tab at the bottom of the pole that inserts in to base. To make this process finer.

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