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Something of interest for streetcar, trolley and interurban modelers.  Interurban Models is a French operation that offers 3D printed streetcar or interurban models of American prototypes  frequently using Tomytec tram drives like the TM-TR01.  He also offers some Main Street buildings, and an L elevated railway system. There are traction models in HO and most importantly N.


He also makes an Unitram compatible street track section that uses Kato N profile 21-000 and Kato 24-815 UniJoiners.



Fine 3D designed models of Interurban cars, Streetcars or Light Rail Vehicles in N scale (1:160). Motor cars are mainly designed for motorization with Tomytec drives



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111.5mm radius is pretty tight, especially for certain coupled trams/trolleys and most articulated LRT vehicles. Interesting concept though. I believe this is Volkmar Meier, who has come to several of our East Penn Traction Club meets in the Eastern U.S., and he does good work. Volkmar earlier has had other items on Shapeways:



Rich K.

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