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Baby’s first drill press


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Cute little drill press for micro drilling. Cleaver use of lasercut wood. Battery powered and small motor but for plastics and wood probably fine for little detail stuff and very small storage size. Not bad for $20!





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Yeah it’s 5-6v battery. I’m betting the motor probably goes up to 10-12v. Other little drill motor/collets could probably be easily attached too, scad of them on ebay and aliexpress. It’s the little like mech that’s the tough part to engineer well. This one looks decent, but hard to know until you use it. Not going to do metal (excepted maybe really thin stuff), but for little wood and plastic stuff for someone who doesn’t have space or money for something beefier that start at like $50-75 or a $30-50 dremel or proxxon stand (which are much more beefier than this but bigger to store).


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