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Model boat designer now enjoying trains!


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Hi! My name is Alex Sheen. I'm an Industrial Automation Maintenance Technician by trade and also own a model boat design and laser cutting business- Barracuda RC Boats, USA. My wife and I have been to Japan in 2017 and 2019. Due to current pandemic restrictions, I've had to enjoy Japan from my home in North Carolina modeling Japanese N scale trains. 


I'm currently working on modeling 1/8 scale projects- namely a 9' long SD70ACE and 4' Japanese flat cars (B-train shorty of the Koki 50000) that carry cargo containers like the 19D.


I have already found a wealth of information on this forum. 



Feel free to message me for info. Thank you.









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Welcome to the forum Alex! Glad you found us. 

this is a spectacular project and will be fun to watch it all come together! Please keep us posted on the progress.


hope you can meet up with Tony at the train show, he’s a very good egg.





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