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Virtual Tour Kyoto Railway Museum

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As Japan is not going to open up its borders, I normally "visit" by following several Youtubers specializing in just "taking a walk". One of them made a 2 hours walk in the Kyoto Railways Museum which I figured you might find interesting:

He also occasionally takes decent pictures of the scannable QR Codes for multilingual explanations (Example at 17:30) which are quite helpful.

Bear with me if this has already been posted, or this is the wrong section of the Forum, I searched but didn't find it.

Enjoy the tour

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this Youtuber at all XD

Edit: Spelling mistakes and added QR Code comment.

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Thanks for the link! I went there before but will watch the full video. Right in front of my 27" 5K iMac, a 4K super high quality video, it feels like I am there again 😢...

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Next time I'm in Kyoto, I'll visit it. It looks super clean inc. those rolling stocks where a part is above the carpets, no drop of oil or grease ... mad !!!




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I enjoyed this museum. Lots to see and do. D51-200 was in pieces getting its rebuild for mainline running in the workshop when we visited.

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