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Greenmax “Economy” Passenger Car Kits


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I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Greenmax economy passenger car kits. They seem to be a good value, though there are additional costs for wheels and decals.

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Personally I think it's something only worth getting if you want to get into N scale kits and try out something not too expensive or if it's a coach not made RTR by Kato, Tomix or MA.

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I built a pair of the greenmax cars (can’t remember what they were maybe some kihas) many moons ago just to see how well they went together and looked. They were on sale and very inexpensive so fine for a quick test. Went together well and decent details but a bit heavier overall than most of the RTR equipment and many RTR seemed to have finer details. Given painting, detailing, and decals it was not something I wanted to spend my time on except maybe for an interesting kitbash. I did get a kiha kit that had some prototypes cut up for cargo hauling and just a few months after I got them Tomytec came out with a very similar one, so project went to the bottom of the list…



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Kaji's Railroad Model Room posted a Youtube video today where he builds a Greenmax Economy Kit. I thought it might be of some interest for this thread.




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