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Block power surges


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I'm looking for a solution for DC Kato Unitrack to get rid of surges (or whatever you call it) when changing blocks powered by different voltage.

The metal wheels of cars + lighting prep connects the two section long after the loco passed the insulator and the motor doesn't run well.

I know this is usually avoided by changing the block sources so that they are powered by the same source but that's not gonna work for me.

I'm trying to use a Voltage regulator to limit train speed in stations.
The way I understand it, I'd need to insulate a part of the track longer than the longest car, which the loco would then struggle with.


Any tips?





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Problem resolved. It was caused by something else.

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On 1/18/2022 at 8:00 PM, cteno4 said:

@Tyraforce Curious what was causing it. It’s always good to hear potential issues out there someone else may run into later.






I figgured out the power bridging problems. What confussed me was that the Glacie Express cars don't have lighting prep while all the other RhB cars do. The lighting prep includes 2 pieces of metal connecting all wheels on each side of the train thus creating a bridge that caused all the jerks while crossing to a block with different voltage.

I suppose when I cut connections to one side of the train, I'll get worse lighting quality but it should get rid of most of the bridging problems.

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Could look at putting a capacitor on each side to help with flicker few small tantalium caps across the power strips should help.



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