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Reversing the Cassiopeia from Oku to Ueno


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3 hours ago, katoftw said:

You mean I can run my Cassiopeia backwards on my layout?


Just be sure to tell the Rivet Police, if they come calling, that you are reversing the formation in to a terminus from the yard and do not wish to have a locomotive trapped at the wrong end of the train.


A different take on it:




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I remember seeing the Hokutosei being pushed into Ueno ready for the outgoing service some years ago.  Certainly means you won't have an additional loco waiting for clearance back to the yard on a busy stretch of line so does make a lot of sense.


Shame the attendant has to do it from the suite in the Suronefu but I'd assume as it's Japan, he would have already taken his shoes off.


Also not sure my Kato Cassiopeia would go backwards over that double crossover in the station threshold without picking the points and derailing or catching on the edge of the platform. 

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