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Kofu Models Paper Kit - Any experience with these materials?


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I've pre-ordered the CHIKI5500 Rail Transporter Type E Twelve Car Set Paper Kit at the link above. 


Surely there are some on this board who can advise best glues and paints and related preparation for the papercraft material. I am worried, in advance, about warpage that might come from assembly and painting. And what advice might you have for weighting these cars? 


Related kit, here, provides a better image of the material for those unfamiliar and curious: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10733192/40/1.


This papercraft material is also used in some specialty 1:700 naval modeling kits.







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Wow the big set! I picked up the 4 car set earlier this year when it came up on one of the bargain sales. figure I’d be fine with a small bit of rail. I have some of the rubber rail I hope to eventually try in it.

They seem nicely done. It is a composite laserboard, not cardstock so I’m hoping painting is not an issue. Their laserboard does not seem to be quite as resin heavy as sankei, but it’s pretty dense. The nice thing is there are a lot of ribs and braces on the model so that will help with any potential warping. Also all very small spans so that helps as well. I’ve not started to assemble mine yet. My plan was to cut up some of the extra material to see how it reacts to various paints both as parts and as a little assembly. I’m a huge fan of testing materials like this as they differ a lot between companies and I’ve also just found differences between hands on stuff like this so always best to determine what works best for you.


I usually use the tamyia craft bond glue or Arleen’s tacky glue (pretty much the same PVA glue). I like the tacky glue as it’s a bit thicker and stiffer for holding small parts in place but more prone to excess glue, again it’s a bit of hands again and personal preference. I recently got some archival PVA glue that a miniaturist friend likes to try out. Apparently does not get brittle or yellow with age, bit more stabilized I guess. There are the organic solvent wood glues as well that are resistant to moisture, but I find them a pain and smelly to work with on something this size where you have your nose down on it a lot! I use to use them on cardstock models when I was a kid a lot and it works and fast drying. I found one of the little scratch biplanes I made like 50 years ago a few years back when cleaning out my parents house. Structurally super sound, but all the felt tipped pen ink had faded in very interesting ways. A friend and I use to have the challenge of making these out of only one 3x5 card.


the trick I like for preventing paper craft warpage is to hit sheets with light dull coat (matte clear lacquer) spray. Helps seal from moisture intrusion and on printies it stops inkjet ink from running if any moisture does get on them like glue. Also stiffens up regular cardstock well and less prone to tearing when cutting in corners and such.





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