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Mudkip Orange

Your Christmas Haul

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I'm probably going to sound like a prat asking this. But does that mean that each Shinkansen carriage is about the same length of a SNCF Corail or a OBB/DB passenger carriage then?



for european coaches you can see this

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UIC_passenger_coach_types all passenger coach produced in Europe in the last 40 years for international service are base on this (excluding EMU composition like ICE or TGV)

Shinkasen intermediate coach are 25mt, head cars a little bit much, around 27mt (nose lenght), mini Shinkansen 400, E3 and future E5 inetrmediate coach are 20,5mt  (head cars around 23mt)




Thanks for the link! I will check it out later :grin.

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Krackel Hopper

Kato: 10-916



What's this one like--does it run well?


It runs great!  Looks great too!


Maybe it's because this is really my first commuter style train, but the directional lighting on it looks just spectacular.  I thought the directional lighting on my 923 Dr. Yellow was neat.. but I am even more impressed with this set.


The only "issue" I have is that the powered car is a little difficult to get on the tracks.  I'm not sure what it is, it looks and feels like it's on when you give it a little push, but when you add power you can just hear the wheels spinning.  A little extra care to properly seat the powered car and the set runs very nice, very quiet.


Hey Krackel Im curious do you have any video of the directional lighting on this set. Im kind of interested in this set too.


I do not, but I could see about taking one this weekend.  You don't need to twist my arm to convince me to run my trains.. heh.. I'll see about having something posted later today..

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