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Yamanote Freight Line-the only scheduled daytime freight train that runs through central Tokyo


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Freight Train no 3086 that runs from Sapporo to Nagoya is the only scheduled freight train that runs through central Tokyo on the Yamanote Freight Line.  It is hauled by a Sendai based EH500 series dual voltage locomotive between Aomori and Shin Tsurumi travelling via the Tohoku Main Line, Yamanote Freight and Hinkaku Line (official name of Yokosuka Line between Shinagawa /Osaki & Tsurumi) and then after a locomotive change at Shin Tsurumi on to the Tokaido Freight Line / Tokaido Main Line to Nagoya. 


Most Freight Trains bypass Central Tokyo, instead using the Nambu Freight Line, Nambu Line and Musashino Line.    




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