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What Rolling stock is good for the time period of the 1990s to 2007?

The Birmingham train spotter

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The Birmingham train spotter

Plans are being made for my Japanese N Gauge layout that I want to work on for The Birmingham Model Railway Club so I can show the amazing quality of N Gauge at railway shows in the UK. I'll make a Topic on the layout idea and theme but it's mainly focuses 1990s to 2007 and I'm not sure on what Freight Wagons and Passenger coaches to purchase, Any ideas and suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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Seen no one has responded to this as yet.

If you want general ideas for 1990s loco hauled stock rather than area specific rolling stock. Otherwise you’ll need area specific multiple units for commuter trains.


I don’t think many passenger trains were still being pulled by locos other than blue trains and some specials. The 50 series were still being used in some rural areas with locos but most lines used EMU and DMU. Lots of pictures of ED78/EF71 or DE10 or DD51 pulling 50 series with JR logos on the Ohafus. Some were converted and the last few were still in regular service in Kyushu until about 2001.  Other coaches used 14 or 24 series for blue train use. 


Freight was using the blue JR 18D containers from 1988 onwards and the purple/red JRF 19Ds came in 1996. Koki 100s arrived in about 1988 too. 104s started coming in in 1989, 106s from 1997.  Also early 90s, Blue Wamu 380000s, coming out this May from Kato, 

For tankers, Taki 1000s were produced from 1993 onwards.


Hope this gives you some starting ideas.

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