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4 Scales

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Someone was asking me about the comparative sizes of various scales.


Here's a picture showing H0, N (1/150), Z (1/220) and ZZ (1/300) together.




Tomix HO-018 583 series KUHANE 581

Tomix 92325 583 series KUHANE 581

PlusUp/Akia/ZJ 485 series

Bandai ZZ 485 series


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Wow that’s great! Forgot bandai zz could be used on a scale comparison like this. too bad the 581 was not done in T scale!

I have contemplated doing Ho, n , Z with something like a tank car for a show display as we do a lot of public, non train shows and we explain about scales a lot. Could maybe do it with Ho, n, Z, and t with a 103.


man I’ve not pulled out my zz in many years! 


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2 hours ago, Madsing said:

Showcased like that, “N” almost looks big and “HO” giant!


Hah! My cunning plan worked. Your task is to work out which of the two locos is N scale, and what the scale of the other loco is  😄

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It really is surprising how good n looks next to Z in terms of detail.


Heres a few of my duplicate HO and N scale as well as HO scale in both 9mm and 16.5mm





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Yep plastic track and internal battery powered, one speed. They have been out of production for like a decade now. It was more of a toy than model train. They still pop up on ebay and I expect a fair amount on yahoo.up auctions.



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Right, as of 1972, Lima started to introduce N & O scales together with their traditional HO scale. 


Compared to the other brands, Lima was cheap but they were not known for the fine and accurate details. Anyway, to pay with a toy train as child, it was far enough. 



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