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Father Christmas

Tom C

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Father Christmas.


I would like to welcome him down all of our chimneys with his bag laden with train related goodies. Could life get better than that ? 


Don't forget to leave a glass of brandy out for him. And, if by any chance by the next morniong he hasn't drunk it ? You must do the honorable thing, rase the glass in tost to the good chap and down it yourself 😊


Well, folklore has it that Father Christmas uses Elves to help him with his work. Now, we all know that here on earth (and Mars for that matter) that that's a load of old baloney. Of course elves don't exist. Farie's yes, elves no  So how does Father Christmas get so much work done in so little time ?

I think I found the answer to that.

I was taking my pre Christmas walk through the woods when I came upon this little fellow busy rounding up reindeer.


So, there you have it, another mystery solved. Not elves, Aliens. I do feel sorry for all the no-hopers believing in elves  I bet they model HO too !!! 🤣

Early HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all



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There was a time when a little kids Christmas included a trip downtown to Toyland and a ride on the in-store train ride. This usually followed the Eaton's Santa Claus parade.




At least one of the trains still survives at Exporail outside Montreal (but the link in the article above to Exporail does not work).



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When I was in high school my grandmother made me a fulll Santa suit. So I did our school events, went to convalescent hospitals to take presents to rooms, and, of course, the aquarium xmas party (one year coming in a dinghy/sleigh pulled by two small motor boats/reindeer as they party was at the party was at the yacht club).

My senior year I thought I should make some money off the costume (everything else was volunteer stuff) so I went to the local toy store I had grown up in as they had a big model train department in the loft and asked if they wanted a Santa walking around the store some. They said great and were willing to pay $10/hr which was a handsome sum at that time. My first 2 hr gig I got harassed by so many kids I realized it was not the fun and games I thought it would be. One of the first kids I encountered was about 9 and looked me up and down and said “what are you sposta be, too tall Santa clause?!” (I’m 6’4” and it was a riff on too tall jones the 6’9” football player). Just went down hill from there. Some kids were absolutely terrified seeing Santa walking around. We realized kids are just not use to having Santa walk around (especially a very tall Santa that with proper padding is an imposing figure) it’s always sit there and go to him and sit in his lap. The store and I didn’t want to get into that so we just scrapped the whole thing and I think I walked away with a couple of freight cars as a compromise compensation. live and learn.


always wanted to wear the Santa suit at Halloween but too many folks objected to it as sacrilege! Wasn’t going as the futurama killer robot Santa, just as Santa. But that might have been fun maybe do a Freddy Kruger Santa or wear a skull mask under the beard and wig…



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I just remebered the best Santa suit gig was one year I was taken up in a cement bucket by the big construction crane at the aquarium while under construction to deliver presents to the construction crew. It was a spectacular flight as I got to orbit a few times going in and out and up and down, the cane operator was an amazing operator. I’m sure it broke all sorts of OSHA laws but man it was fun and the construction gang loved it! Their office manager had gotten a gag gift and a nice gift for each guy (there were like 75 on site that day) and it was a long present hand out session! They were like big kids as it was a surprise.



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On 12/11/2021 at 8:19 PM, cteno4 said:

I think that’s An ET trying to get lab animals and just undercover with the elf hat…


OMG, the thought never occurred to me. As a long standing vegetarian I found this concept quite desturbing, so I went right back and confronted him about this ? And, not trusting the little blighter, I asked him to name at least five of sante's reindeer. The names he gave did nothing to calm my suspicions;






There's no way santa would name his reindeer after such a bunch of dodgy characters ! So I abruptly eradicated him with a slight downward pressure from my index finger



Thank you Jeff for bringing this to my attention. Hopefully we can all relax now and enjoy the forth cumming Christmas 😊

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