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tomix end car light problem


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baggage/generator car end light has gone out, yes I've cleaned everything,   it went out came back on an then flickered a couple of times then died,??  no one??

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Take the car apart and first test the light unit board separately by applying power to the contacts.


A If it works, then you’re problem is either the wheel pick ups or something has misaligned in whatever method the Tomix car uses to carry the current from wheels to light unit, brass strips etc..(I don’t have and Tomix blue trains so not sure on the system)  Reassemble the car ensuring everything is correctly positioned.


B. If it doesn’t work, then something may have shorted it and you’ll need replace it or test each component, probably starting with the LED.


If you need a replacement, look at the Tomix website parts list (probably something like 0774)




and then find a suitable vendor that has or can order for you.

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