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Odd spam


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Funny spam/phish I just got for Japanese toll road transponder! I think this is my first Japanese spam to my private email address. Maybe my ezpass is now active in japan! Link of course is to a subdomain of a suspicious domain.




Translated from Japanese 


Thank you for using the ETC service.

We will contact you with a URL dedicated to identity verification procedures.

Please continue to enter the necessary information from the following URL.

→Click here to change

※This page is dedicated to customers who received emails. Other customers can't use it.

Please note that if you do not confirm within 72 hours, we will restrict the use of your account for your safety.


If this email is not addressed to you, it is considered that another person accidentally registered the same email address.

If you don't know, please delete the body of the email.


※We can't answer your questions by replying to this email.





East Nippon Expressway Company Limited,

Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited

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I get Japanese spam all the time.  Usually related to Amazon but also various IC or credit cards or banking accounts.  

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The email address I get them on is not my standard one and not one I use with Amazon JP.   I may also have gotten the ETC one.  I think it is just the shotgun, throw it on the wall and see what sticks sort of spam.  I also get Swedish, German, and other language spams on occasion.  All random types and to various of my email addresses.


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