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9600 warning paint scheme


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I recently discovered photos of 9600 with yellow stripes.


When I look for real photos of these machines, I can't find anything: fancy paint scheme?


If these machines really existed, why these markings? Books, videos, where can we see more?


Thank you for your help.

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Based on my imperfect translation of a magazine article, a number of 9600s were painted like this for use as shunting/switch engines in larger yards. The intention was to make them more visible amongst the rows of black freight cars.





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Ooohhh ok, warning paint for the security ! Intersting !!! The yellow paint should not remain visible for long ?


Thanks for this precious information. 

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I believe these were mostly in the Hokkaido area, espically in the port yards.  They would be found there in the very late steam era, most likely the late 60s early 70s.  One may also have received an all over orange scheme with a big green "safety first" pluses on the tender.

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There was, A9714.


11 hours ago, Kamome said:

Kato says: "The 8620 type steam locomotive is a tender type steam locomotive for towing passenger trains introduced by the Railway Institute, the predecessor of the Japanese National Railways in the Taisho era. Unit 8630 was completed by a train manufacturing company in 1914. When active, he is mainly active in shunting in the Tohoku region such as Taira and Hirosaki. During the Hiromae engine district era, zebra paint was applied to the front and rear of the car body to ensure the safety of workers."

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Martijn Meerts
On 11/26/2021 at 6:46 AM, cteno4 said:

Wasn’t there a micro ace model with the tender all in the yellow zebra stripes?




Can't remember if the entire tender has the zebra stripes, but I do have a MicroAce 9600 with that warning paint. I should have a photo of it somewhere, in my old phone's gallery ...


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MicroAce A9714 / No. 9633




Some informations:


No. 9633

Otaru Chikko (Hokkaido)

listed from 1955 - 1970, get the warning painting around of 1968

Scrapped between 1970-1973


Have some pictures, without copyright, in my database with / without warning painting around of 1968

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I just wanted to add, there are a lot of old photos of Japanese Steam posted on Instagram, so if you're on that, it's well worth checking them out. I've seen a few 9600's with wasp stripes and some of the tank engines too








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