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1992 - Back in my steam locomotives' years

JR East

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Going to my archives, I've found some old photos (1992) when I was belonging to AMTP, a French steam locomotive preservation association. 


On the serie below, I'm not the locomotive driver but the fireman. 


Cleaning the locomotive to make her beautiful ... 



The driver, installing the front lantern (just before leaving the depot). Lanterns were stored apart for being protected againt theft. 




Then at the station, it's the fireman (me) who's in charge of coupling the loc with the train. No pneumatic brakes as cars have no brakes, just one coupling and safety chains.




And here, somewhere in the middle of the (small) line, we've a guest



Below, also a couple of shots of 1992. 


First run of a fully refurbished locomotive (N° 10 - La Martroy)





An an incredible small steam locomotive built in 1870 and still in motion today. It's a type 69 Schneider, 20 HP, and also a prototype as only 3 locomotives were built for being used in mine plants. 






below, on member is adjusting the safety valve to the right max pressure. You can see the side water tanks. 




The association still exists. 



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