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Shinano Micro


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I recently purchased an old Tomix "storage casket" on the yahoo auction site. Their is a heavy passenger car with the name Shinano Micro on the bottom. Midoriya and "M2" are the only other things on the bottom. After research, I have found that Shinano Micro was a company that produced HO scale brass items but started making N scale items in the 1970s. Apparently the company went bankrupt in 1980 and then became MicroAce? Is that information correct? Does anybody have any additional information about this company? My apologies if this topic has been covered before....

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Yes it seems they produced brass models in N as well as some 9mm narrow gauge, 12mm and later 1:80. Then came some plastic loco models and structures including bridge, water tower and metal frame of the engine sheds around the Usui pass were produced.


After bankruptcy, the plastic, n scale production was taken over by Arii and the name Microace was started.

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