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Something around 1981 - 1983 in Gare de Lyon (Paris) ... and other locations

JR East

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I succeeded scanning and restoring a couple of photos (awfully yellow) using Lightroom & DxO


The famous 2D2 9100 serie


9103 first








then 9117









then 9127 in close view










and the same, bypassing a train 




for pushing it 








Another oldtimer




very close to one of the first TGV 




and to finish, this one shot on Paris Champs-Elysées in 2003




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Thank you for posting those amazing photographs, @JR East.

I usually do not really content all that much with non-Japanese prototypes, that isn't to say that I don't like non-Japanese trains, just not to the same extent (to put it mildly), the French railway system does hold a special place in my heart though, especially in the period of your photographs (my main interest is centered around the period between the 1980's till around the mid 2000's, with a special focus on the mid 1990's till early/mid 2000's period Parisian urban and suburban rail network (Métro, RER (RATP and SNCF, though mainly focused on the RATP equipment) and SNCF suburban equipment) as well as the classic electric locomotive families still in service back then).


As for your photographs, outside of the technical quality of the shots themself, I really love the way they captured the time period really well.

The 2D2 9100's in their post renovation glory, the CC6500 behind the 2D2 in the first shot, the UIC-Y type coaches, the Z5100's visible in the background, and of course the BB 'midi' at the end, you really captured some of the most iconic equipment of that era.


Anyway sorry for my rambling, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your photos here!

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  • JR East changed the title to Something around 1981 - 1983 in Gare de Lyon (Paris) ... and other locations

Thank you @200系 for this very interesting response. 


Usually I'm trying to post just 'japanese-related' topics as this forum is really dedicated to that, and that's what I appreciate here (and the respectul responses / discussions of all the contributors which is not that frequent on many forums).



I'm currently digging into my printed pictures that I'm trying to save as they start to become either sepia / yellow or simple very damaged (5 movings ... cellars, garage box etc ...). 



Below is a C61000 (with a CC72000 in background) , shot in La Vilette depot in July 1983. The photo was awfully scratched, folded etc ... many thanks to Lightroom / DxO for the colors restoration then Photoshop for the finalizing restoration by removing the major part of the cracks, scratches and hollow of fold. 




I have - in my restoration bucket, a A1A A1A 62000, I've forecasted something like 2 hours of corrections with Photoshop to remove the major scratches & pigment loss (white dots everywhere), see just the example below of a (small part) of the picture where I've highlighted in green a part of the job to do (I've kept some others not highlighted in green too)




Of course, I'll try to share additional pictures in that sub-part of the forum. I expect to restore also pictures of the famous Corsica trains, shot around 1992-1994 with plenty of rolling stock that have been replaced by brand new ones couple of years after. 



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