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JR Kyushu Seven Stars online shop

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Not really sure where to put this. Got sent a link to the online shop.


Looks like products will be available for a limited time online and at one station shop.




This is the interesting bit. If you scroll down. They actually have the Kato N scales sets.


The same 8 car set that Kato had previously released and sold out of. Which actually has a different paper sleeve.




And a 3 car set, which Kato never released publicly.  Looks like the loco and cars 1 and 7.





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the box... looks... nomnomnomnom


This stuff is usually only available on the train itself (I guess), so I wonder if anything else is different besides the box. Also kind of makes me wonder why they now sell it here. As far as I know, the special Twilight Mizukaze sets have never been sold outside the actual train.

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