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Train Crash on Midhants Railway (Thankfully just for TV drama)


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Thought I’d share some images my father sent me from the Midhants.(Watercress Line) 

They we’re filming a British TV drama called Call the Midwife, set in the 1960s afaik.

Anyway, the railway were paid £40k to smash up an old Mk 1 coach for the scene. One of the last remaining steam cranes in operation was also brought in for some authentic atmosphere. Apparently very impressive to see working.




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For mission impossible. Expect they paid north if £40k… Why these movies have zero appeal to me, the old tv show got by so much better with some simple cleverness. Cruise is just pissed he was never tagged for bond so had to go off and ruin something else…






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Always makes me laugh. My local station in sleepy Surrey was used as the station in The Commuter by Liam Neeson. We popped down to the station. But didn't see him it's certainly not a New York suburb.

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