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The latest. Just check production dates, afaik, you cannot really go wrong with an EF66. I think Tomix released a couple recently, Railgallery Rokko had some left last time I checked.


The main difference between Kato and Tomix is that Tomix does not equip its locomotives with blackened wheelsets.

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2 hours ago, disturbman said:

The main difference between Kato and Tomix is that Tomix does not equip its locomotives with blackened wheelsets.


Err, they've started doing that in recent releases.


Tomix did release a renewed version of its EF66 recently; see:


Do you have any very specific requirements, e.g. for era?

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Also will depend on which versions you want. There is and early and late version.  Even a weird frieght version.


Not all manufacturers make all versions.  So decided which version you want first.

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The main difference between first and second batch seems to have been that the second batch came with the roof extending further over the windscreens to help keep dust off the glass. EF66 locos with sun-visors are from the first batch. Some were also later fitted with roof mounted A/C units.


JR Freight built a third batch (EF66-100) from 1989 that had A/C built-in, and also had a different cab design that in my mind makes them look more like EF200s!

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Getting one of these is hard work, so far ordered from two shops who said they had one, but actually don't! So, order three gone in now....crossing my fingers.

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36 minutes ago, disturbman said:

Where have you been ordering them from?

First was Model Train Plus, then tried Hobby Search. Now ordered from Plaza. 

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I'm surprised this happened with Hobby Search, I never had and never heard of an order being cancelled for lack of availability. They seem to be tracking their inventory live. Was the item on backorder?

Rail Gallery Rokko English webshop still show that they have a few in stock if Plaza also end up being a dead end.

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When I posted my info. I used HobbySearch as a reference point. And all were sold out. And hasn't been restocked since. So I find it double weird they erred.


Keep trying, you'll find it.

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So, I've got a Tomix EF66 and it's running beautifully. However, the middle bogie derails on Kato points when travelling over them facing the points. Is there a fix for this, it's a bit annoying.

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