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My top 5 favourite Japanese Steam Locomotives

The Birmingham train spotter

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The Birmingham train spotter

Number 5 : JNR Class C10 

The JNR Class C10 is a Type of 2-6-4T Steam Locomotive build by Japanese government railway from 1930. A total of 23 engines where built and where withdrawn by 1962. Many where scrapped but fortunately One has survived C10 8 on the ōigawa railway in the Shizukoa prefecture in Japan 


Number 4: JNR Class D51 

The JNR class D51 was based upon the JNR Class D50 and was introduced in 1923. During WW2 the imperial Japanese army made many modifications to the D51 that include running boards,smoke defectors and tender coal bunkers. 1,115 D51 locomotives where built and became the largest class built in Japan  and where gained the nick name Namekuji -gata ( Slug form) for their shape. Each Locomotive was designed by Hideo Shima.After WW2 The D51 was put on freight work until 1960. 174 where preserved and but many are static models


Number 3 : JNR Class C12

The JNR Class C12 a 2-6-2T Steam engine by Japanese government railway and Japanese national Railway from 1932 to 1947. Surprisingly many JNR Class C12 locomotives saw service outside of Japan in Taiwan,North China,Vietnam and even Indonesia. 282 where built and 26 are preserved


Number 2: JGR Class 860

The JGR Class 860 was the first steam locomotive built in Japan. Many parts where from Foreign manufacturers and was built in 1893.Sadly non remain to this day but it's cool to see how Japanese steam locomotives have evolved over time


Number 1: JGR Class 8620 

The JGR Class 8620 is a 2-6-0 steam locomotive built in japan from 1914 to 1929.A total of 672 where built and later used by the Imperial Taiwan railway from 1918 to 1928. 20 have remained and in popular media One appears in the popular Anime demon slayer 

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In no particular order, these are my SL picks purely on aesthetics. All tenders.






Early D51 ナメクジ形 (slug type)

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My favorite steam locomotives are:







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My top 5 favourite SLs are:



C57 (why has no one favoured this?)



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