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Train Themed Hotel Rooms


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Lately, there seem to be many train themed hotel rooms appearing in Japan. These will, of course, require advance reservations, if and when we get back traveling


Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka


Here, the wall above the bed is wallpapered with an image of the Nankai Railway rap:d airport train.  The room also has a train driving simulator and seats from Nankai's Southern Limited are placed in the living room.






Asakusa Tobu Railway Hotel 


Asakusa Tobu Railway Hotel is located in front of Asakusa Station, one of the starting points of the Tobu Line.  Here, there is a full scale driving simulator in the room based on the Tobu Railway 50070 type cab.










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I'm more of the "seeing real trains from my hotel window" type, so rooms that offer these views are always of interest.  There seem to be lots of these rooms promoted throughout the nation, but lot of them offer only obstructed, partial and/or views from very far up.  Two that offer interest to me, i.e. close distance, with lots of variety and unobstructed views are these (one I have stayed in and the other one I hope to stay some day):


Tokorozawa Park Hotel (stayed here last spring):


Kintetsu Miyako City Kyoto:


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Limited time only! OK this is in the lobby, not a room. Still it's different. But will you be able to get near this simulator?


"Train geeks rejoice! Now you have the chance to ‘drive’ an E5 shinkansen at the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont in Iidabashi. The train simulator, which takes pride of place at the hotel lobby, will be here until March 2023 for guests to enjoy a simulated test-drive in the Tohoku region. This is the simulator's first public appearance – and there are a few ways you can settle in on the driver’s seat"



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City View Hotel Tokyo, which is 4m walk from Tanaba station on the Yamanote Line, has rooms with nice trippy train art in them. The dining area also has great train-level views with breakfast. I've actually booked to stay here in October (Not in the art room though!)

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