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Kato Power Pack red light comes up overnight/after a while


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So usually I just keep my 2 shorty trains on the track all the time, power plugged in. Obviously throttle at 0 and direction switch in off position, when I'm not running them. But so it's powered up 24/7 and there are never any problems.


But yesterday, along with my 205 and 103 series trains, I also left m EF64-0 series locomotive on the tracks, so they sat like this overnight (power routed to the EF64's track):



And for some reason, the red LED came up on the controller by the morning. Obviously it ran fine after pressing reset, but I noticed that later that day that after a while of sitting like this, the red light will come up



Anyone knows what the reason might be for that? Shouldn't the red light only come up if there's a short circuit somewhere? But what could cause a short when the EF64 is just standing there, with power off and throttle at 0? Also it never happened before with the other 2 trains on the track, only now, when I left the EF64 there overnight.

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Whatever it’s, you probably shouldn’t leave electrical appliances plugged in and on when not in use.

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But only when the EF64 is on the tracks?


Anyway I guess I can start unplugging it for the night, but I never really bothered before. I mean I expect modern electronics to survive being plugged in, just like I leave my PC or TV plugged in all the time as well, but well, it can't hurt to unplug it.


I just find it weird that it never happens with the other two trains. I mean if the direction switch is in off and power at 0, then it shouldn't matter what trains are on the track, right?

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If you are leaving the reverse control in the "Off" position, as shown in the photo, you are not putting power to the track, so I don't see how locomotives or rolling stock can affect it.


Rich K.

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The transformer is a simple 4 way bridge rectifier with a transistor. So leaving the power supply connected keeps the circuitry energized.

The power is low but it will still generate heat. This is the original version. Doubt if the new one is any different.....




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Well the other day I forgot to turn it off with again just the 2 EMUs on the track, and it once again turned red overnight. So looks like it's doing it regardless if the EF64 is on the tracks or not.


So I guess I'll start paying more attention to turning it off for the night.

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Takahama Trainwatcher
On 9/27/2021 at 8:02 PM, katoftw said:


Sure, if all is working well. If the problem was dependent upon the locomotive present on the track (or possibly on the track route set for power routing), I can't see how that would be possible unless the circuit was powered.
It seems that the particular loco has now been eliminated as a cause, though.

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On 9/29/2021 at 5:11 AM, Takahama Trainwatcher said:

It seems that the particular loco has now been eliminated as a cause, though.

Yeah. Interestingly, the other day it just turned red while running my 103 series on the track, which is a first - it never shut down while actually running trains.


I'd say it might be overheating like some of you guys suggested, but then I pressed the reset button and it continued on without any problems. Strange.


As long as it just happens once in a while I don't care much, but I'm hope it's not going to die on me. I mean these controllers are not really cheap, as we know.

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