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Pure masterpiece from China (1986)

JR East

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Let me contextualise. August 1986, travelling across China as tourist with my parents, having diner in a night train (I don't remember exactly where), I asked whether it was possible to pick this glass home as souvenir of the Chinese Railways. 


At that time, each and every group was accompanied (and mostly supervised) by one guide belonging to the official "Luxingche" travel agency. She explained me that people were responsible and must pay if there were missing glasses, plates etc ... I proposed to pay for it ... and this was accepted. Just to let you know, I paid something like 0,40 eur (whereas at that time, 1 kg of pork was sold for less than 0,02 eur in the different markets ...). 


Since 1986, it was used (a bit) to drink, cleaned manually (no dishwasher) and kept protected. 


Love it. 









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