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Foldable layout


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After a lot of planning and building, I've managed to mound my foldable layout. 
Is made with customized Ikea parts. The mechanism is simple but it was tricky to get it nice and square.

The fold/unfold process is simple and quick. Which is good. 
When unfolded it's a the right heigh for sitting on the floor. And from that point of view is easy to see the trains running on the lower level. (My layout has 2 separate layers and commands. 






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13 hours ago, Madsing said:

Really nice, I like it! There are locks in the adjacent left and right cabinets, right?

😆 hahah I wish they were full of locks! The right one is for train related things (locks, buildings, cars, trees…); the left one is for tools. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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