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The very reason I'm writing this thread is my disappointment about Trainz (2019 Platinum Edition). I can't find a good train simulator. My expectations are:
- good editor
- (good) multiplayer

- (preferably) the possibility to run multiple instances on one PC
- (optionally) some japanese rolling stock

- (if possible) runs on Linux


Trainz has crap tier editor. EEP has excellent editor, but no multiplayer. Rolling Line has inconvenient editor and no multiplayer. Open Rails seems to have inconvenient switch control, but I haven't got fully into it yet.


Any suggestions are welcome. Realism is not 1st priority, it can be more of a virtual model railway.

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Hey there, 


i'm a Trainz Dev, i was involved in the making of TRS19 and am in contact with some peeps at the company (N3V Games). 

As a passionate route builder and big fan of the Trainz Surveyor, i'm really curious about what exactly you didn't like about it. Could you provide a more detailed explaination? 

Otherwise I can't really relate to your arguments there, since Trainz has been praised especially for its easy to use editor many times :/

About japanese routes / rolling stock: there is plenty of it on the DLC Store, on the DLS or other creators websites (especially looking at jirctrainz.com here, he has tons of high quality freeware trains, and even a route)

Looking forward to your answer, hopefully we can optimize things to your liking ^^
Kind regards,

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