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Freight cars Made in Japan for South Vietnam Railways in 1965-67


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Looking for the manufacturer of the following freight cars and appreciate any info.

In 1966-67 different freight cars were delivered to South Vietnam Railways, for them to manage and for US Army to use (or something like that).

USAID paid for them and US Army organized the deal.
Boxcars, gondolas, flat cars and tank cars. All meter gauge and of course quite a bit smaller than standard gauge US railroad cars.


more here


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Very interesting, they certainly have a style that is close to standard gauge US railcars of the era, but were built by the Japanese.  I never knew about these.

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Maybe they could be based on designs that many Japanese companies, such as Hitachi, were already exporting to countries with a 1067mm gauge (New Zealand maybe?).

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The corrugation on the end of the orange box cars is very reminiscent of the Wamu 80000s but the body is much more like an American box car. The brake handles look more American too. The gondolas also look much more like a US design.

Very interesting. 

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Tks for the replies.


Haven't found the conclusive proof yet that the boxcars were actually made in Japan at the end.

Only one flat car has a plaque showing Hitachi name.


So far just instructions (from 1974 Logistics booklet)


"Action on the MACV inquiry was assigned to the DCSLGG, DA, and on 17 February 1966-the AMC was instructed to explore the possibilities of obtaining these items from third-country sources. Data were obtained concerning both Australian and Japanese resources, and early in April 1966 the DCSLOG, DA, directed the procurement of 200 railroad cars by the U. S. Army, Japan. 171"


Another issue that could help finding the source is how did they get the rolling stock into Vietnam ?




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