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EF210 100 underside details

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I'm a new member to this forum, so I'm not sure if this is the correct section, but here goes: 


I build 1:45 scale models of trains in LEGO (commonly called L-gauge), and I'm particularly interested in Japanese freight locomotives. I'm currently building an EF210 100 and struggling with finding any images of the underside of the train. Specifically the equipment between each bogie. I was able to find what appeared to be scaled drawings of the locomotive from the front and side, but the depth was difficult to perceive. 





Does anyone have any images of this area of the locomotive or even of the H0 model?


If anyone is interested, here's my Flickr page where I post all of my photos:



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The Tomix HO pages can sometimes be useful.




Volume 3 has photos of some underside detailing.


Musashino Models




Also this blog on O gauge has a picture of the EF210 front bogie.








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