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Hello from Barcelona


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My name is Ivan and I work as an engine driver in Barcelona.


I've been collecting trains since I was a kid (mainly H0 scale spanish trains) but 3 years ago I visited Japan and I fell in love with n-scale and Japanese trains. I bought some stuff, specially freight locomotives and some freight cars but also some units like NEX, E-235, etc. 


Recently I've just finished a little n-scale module, but the idea is to build more n-scale modules inspired in japanese landscapes, which is the reason that I found this site.




Nice to meet you!




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Welcome Ivan! Glad you found Japanese n scale and the forum! Japan really is a fun place to model. Looking forward to seeing more of your modules, start a topic on them in the layout forum. 

we also have several other train drivers from around the world on the forum.





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Hello Ivan,

Welcome. I live just over the border in France but often come down to Bcn on the train from Latour de carol to go clubbing. Have you ever driven on this line ? It's so beautiful. It goes very slowly which is nice as it gives me more time to enjoy the scenery. I love Spanish trains. They are spacy, light and airy and in my expereance, cleen 👍


All the best



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