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Tomica Hiroshima Electric Railway 650 tram


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Not your normal stuff. This is the "Atomic Bomb" tram from Hiroshima. It is a toy which just happens to be a useful scale. All Tomica models vary in scale, but this model is 1/162 which fits North American N scale. A little big for Japanese N scale.  The body is diecast and is a bit heavy. There is a sheet of stickers included for many Hiroshima tram destinations.  I ordered my two Tomica # 66s from Hobby Search.  




At least one Japanese modeler has converted this model into a working model. It takes some mining like I did years ago with an Amarelis yellow  Lisbon tram.  Here is a video of what he did.



Another video with a comparison to a Tomytec Hiroden ^50.


IMG_8723 1920 x  1080.jpg

IMG_8722 1920 x 1080.jpg

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Bill, why not use the Tomytec version of this car? Issued in Japan only, but I was able to get one reasonably on Yahoo Japan Auctions through Nariichi.


Rich K.

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