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What's in your roster (Worldwide Models)

The Birmingham train spotter

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The Birmingham train spotter

Hi everyone..Some news..I was.gifted this N Gauge steam locomotive by my Aunt and I just noticed it's N Gauge...silly me!...It's a LNER A3 " Flying Scotsman ".I haven't ran it Yet but I need to clean off the Dirt and Fluff on the locomotive!







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@The Birmingham train spotter

A slight concern, judging by the one piece molded valve gear, this looks very much like the Del Prado static model. This being the case it won't run ☹️


You could sit it on a sideing as a static display on its fictious visit to Japan though 🙂

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The Birmingham train spotter

If it is a static model Tom I'll take your idea and keep it in a siding and pretend it's visiting Japan!.Thanks for the cool idea! It'll look out of place with Any N Gauge Japanese locomotive but the Flying Scotsman did visit America from 1969 to 1972 and Australia in 1988!

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G'day Michael.


Flying Scotsman didn't leave Australia until September of 1989. While it was here it was based at my depot at Eveleigh, and I worked it on many occasions. The trips we did with it in 88/89 were among the highlights of my career. Some great times with some great people. 👍


All the best,



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My Worldwide Model roster is relatively short. All N gauge


Dapol Terrier Southern Green

Dapol Terrier Improved Green “Thames”


Dapol 57xx Pannier Tank London Transport


Dapol Maunsell coaches Southern Olive Green x4


Graham Farish Auto Coach BR red


Kato D&RGW F3 “Rio Grande”  A+B+A 

Kato California Zephyr 

Kato GG1 Brunswick Green (meaning to get a Broadway Limited for it)


Atlas SD50 Rio Grande (currently a non runner)


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5 minutes ago, Tom C said:

Oh wow, nice. Are those the yellow and silver ones ? 

Yes, I’m still missing another B unit to make it prototypical. I bought the last B unit from Kato Hobby Center some years ago.  They are amazing slow crawlers and all seem to run at exactly the same speed as each other. 


I’ve always liked this RG livery, that and the Santa Fe Warbonnet in red. Not really a fan of more modern American locos but those early diesel designs were iconic.

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The Birmingham train spotter

British trains have a lot of detail but I think Japanese n Gauge Engines are better

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I apologise for the poor quality of the photo - here's Flying Scotsman at Waterfall on its first trial trip after it arrived in Australia. That's me on the left in the blue flanno shirt. I was going around the front of the engine with the optical thermometer to check for anything running hot, but I tripped on the signal wires and dropped the thing. 






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On 8/11/2021 at 3:29 PM, marknewton said:

Flying Scotsman didn't leave Australia until September of 1989. While it was here it was based at my depot at Eveleigh, and I worked it on many occasions.

Wow, that would have been something Mark!


I don't have much international stuff in N scale beyond the following:

- Kato 10-1655 and 10-1656 Rhaetian Railway Bernina Express car sets

- Kato 5253 Rhaetian Railway observation wagon 'B2097'

- Kato 5280 Rhaetian Railway dining car 'WR3811' GOURMINO


Plus on the way:

- Kato 3101-1 Rhaetian Railway Ge4/4 III 'UNESCO Welterbe'

- Kato 5279-1 Rhaetian Railway baggage car 'DS4223' (currently in transit)

- Kato 10-1413 and 10-1414 Rhaetian Railway 'EW I' car sets

As you can tell I have a thing for the Rhaetian Railway. I travelled on the Bernina Express from Tirano to Chur in December 2013, and the genesis behind my Swiss N-scale collection was the discovery that one of the Bernina cars had the same number as the one we travelled in. The rest is history!


I won't go into any further detail on my H0-scale collection though... all I can remember off the top of my head is that I own 39 different locomotives (plus one on the way) and countless passenger coaches and goods wagons. All from Märklin in Germany who are the best when it comes to model trains. Yes, expensive, but you get what you pay for and 9.99 times out of 10 it's quality. We don't talk about that last 0.01...

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