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two dioramas for Trainsetters


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Hey Guys 🙂


At the beginning of the year I built two dioramas in gauge N and Z for trainsetter (overhead line for N gauge). The dioramas are for the presentation of the overhead wires. Of course, these were built by Japanese theme.


The first diorama in N gauge was given a rural autumn theme. The rocks are made of Styrodur which has been coated with toilet paper and wood glue / water. This was followed by a layer of Citadel Texture Paint and then colored as well.


A flex track from Peco was used, which I ballasted with ballast from Komoe (from the region!). This was then treated with paint, leaving the gravel untreated.

The grass consists of several layers of mixed types of grass which are applied one after the other. The bushes and details are miniature and have been selected to match the season.

And so the whole thing looks finished:





The Z gauge diorama was planned for spring / summer and on a coast. The tracks were those from Märklin (and they're really not great 😕 ).

Here I proceeded as with the N diorama. The water was made from the Realistic Water of Woodland and the waves were created with the water effects of Woodland.

Of course, both dioramas were painted black on the outside. Here is the result in Z:





a few nicer photos can be found on the Trainsetter website 😄






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Hello folks 🙂

A few weeks ago I had the chance to use the dioramas I built for Trainsetter for a photo shoot, I would like to show you these pictures.


By the way, this was the reason why I really wanted to build new modules for my layout in order to design them in this style (after all these years I don't like the simple design of my modules anymore 😕 )







N japan diorama 1.jpg

n japan diorama 2.jpg

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